We are a BlueScope Steel business – supported by the manufacturing and processing arms of BlueScope Steel; and fully integrated – to challenge the conventional methods of production, operations and distribution in steel sheet and coil products. A deep understanding of our customers needs, together with BlueScope Steel’s technical and processing expertise, enables us to develop a differentiated, value-added product and service.
An example of this is our Uniblanks® product offering utilising the very latest in tool setting and punching technology, enabling our clients to purchase pre-cut, pre-punched or pre-notched metal blanks, conveniently cut and ready to use. All Uniblanks® pre-punched components are locally manufactured from Australian-made BlueScope Steel products, providing you with:

  • Predictable and manageable cost structure
  • Manageable volume
  • Reliable and flexible supply
  • Adaptability to incremental change
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced transport costs


Uniblanks® components are competitively priced, high quality and fit straight into your manufacturing process. We have saved our clients up to 40% on components by removing the costs attached to your business. Costs associated with re-works, machine bottlenecks and breakdowns, volume constraints, transport, inventory, wastage, labour and quality.

Uniblanks® utilises the latest in tool setting and punching technology to deliver an innovative value-added process service. All Uniblanks® pre-punched components are Australian made, competitively priced, high quality and slot straight into your manufacturing process.

Uniblanks® products are a value-added process that enables customers to purchase pre-punched metal blanks, conveniently – ready to use. Uniblanks® is a unique product service from Sheet Metal Supplies. Utilising the latest in tool setting and punching technology, Uniblanks® is an innovative value-added process service that enables customers to purchase pre-punched metal blanks, conveniently cut and ready to use.

This service is provided as part of the BlueScope Steel – Sheet Metal Supplies valued added package and can be used to reduced manufacturing, inventory and logistics costs.

Uniblanks® process features

  1. A library of tools to choose from.
  2. Material feeds into the machine by slit coil.
  3. Multi-head press.
  4. Low cost flexible tooling system.
  5. Flexible Tooling System that allows for:
    • Standard tooling – Tooling from the library ensures efficient cycle times.
    • Fixed tooling – Special tooling dedicated to a part ensures quick cycle times for non standard items.
    • Combination tooling – A mixture of special and standard tooling, which allows for faster than standard cycle times, minimising tooling costs.
  6. A tooling design allowing for quick tool changeovers.
  7. Forming fixture, which allows for partial forming.

Uniblanks® process specifications

  1. Slit coil feeder, 300mm max width.
  2. Max blank length 4000mm.
  3. Carbon Steel max thickness is 2mm (2.5mm depending on the punching required).
  4. Hydraulic height controls allowing for partial shears.
  5. Computer programmed punching control.

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Key benefits:

Alleviating Bottlenecks in your production line

Supplying a totally manufactured product, ready to use; alleviating capacity constraints on time-consuming and labour intensive componentry.

Quality and Accuracy

Unique high quality processing capabilities, ensuring a better finished component than more conventional manufacturing methods.

Reduced Risk Exposure

Ensure a true and stable cost, avoiding the concern for unexpected occurrences contributing to overtime, waste, additional transport, downtime or OHS complications.

Reduced Funds in Use

Buy the finished component to cater to your demand cycles, rather than purchasing and storing raw feed material.

Design for Manufacture

Qualified engineers tailor solutions to your needs. Whether this concerns creation of a new product, or re-engineering an existing product.

Providing Steel Solutions

The combination of engineering expertise, superior machine capabilities and steel knowledge provide clear advantages, enabling Uniblanks® to form lasting partnerships, whilst providing our customers with a tailored steel solution package.

Processing Capabilities

Three fully operational machines, which include a Uniblanks coil line, punching material from coil; a turret machine; and a high speed electric brake press with a multi axis back-gauge.

Unique Uniblanks® service offers both convenience and value

Saving both time and money in the manufacture and assembly of a wide range of products, Uniblanks® enables our clients to reduce their production costs and improve overall efficiency.


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