steel processing


Our services aim to deliver value to our customers by:

  • Removing supply chain risk;
  • Making sure you get the right product, at the right time, at the right price;
  • Reducing or eliminating the working capital involved in steel manufacturing;
  • Providing you with easy and timely access to product, product information, and technical data;
  • Providing you product development, supply chain innovation and continuous improvement in the supply of our steel products.


Our services comprise:

Delivery in Full and On-Time (DIFOT) We work with our customers to develop a customer specific DIFOT – supported by our Supply Agreements. We aim to improve efficiency in our customers’ productivity schedules. This value proposition hinges on accurate customer forecasts of stock replenishment. We will work with you to ensure accurate delivery of the right product at the right time – to not slow your production process down but enhance it. Delivery and steel processing flexibility is the cornerstone to this value proposition

Working Partnership with our Customers (Business Understanding) We aim to develop a working partnership built on trust and expertise with you. This allows an intimate knowledge of business processes to take place to create reciprocal business practice advantages. BlueScope has been an active member of a number of strategic, consortium programs run by the International Iron and Steel Institute. Among these is the UltraLight Steel Auto initiative, which includes dedicated programs covering Auto Bodies, Advanced Vehicle Concepts, Closures and Suspension.

Supply Reliability and Commitment to customers We aim to review our customers’ needs to provide a clear outcome on how we will deliver and process steel sheet and coil products to create a competitive advantage for your business. Product quality, Product tolerances, and Reliability of supply are the cornerstone to this value proposition. We will work with you to ensure the above eventuate.

Our Inventory Assistance Scheme (IAS) We will work with you to develop a customised Inventory Assistance Scheme to achieve the following:

  • Examine the current purchasing and stocking practices in your business;
  • Identify the root issues and bottlenecks the above practices may cause in your business;
  • Quantify these issues to better understand the costs involved;
  • Make recommendations to assist with the management of the stock in your business; and
  • Develop a formal supply agreement to provide our customers with the assurance they need to grow and achieve their vision.

The key deliverables to our customers are:

  • Limited capital investment required – this tends to free up funds in your business;
  • Accurate forecasting of stock – this tends to create value for your business by replenishing the stock you need when you need it;
  • Reliability of Supply – this tends to create confidence and capability in your business.

Brand Awareness and Investment

We work with you to develop joint brand awareness campaigns to fully leverage our key product and business brands to create market awareness and confidence.