Xlerplate Australian made

XLERPLATE® steel has long been held as the industry benchmark for steel plate products within Australia’s fabrication and manufacturing industries.

XLERPLATE® steel’s product range are available in the following categories ensuring there is a product to meet your specific requirements. These include:

  • Structural Products
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Products
  • Analysis & Counterweight Products

By selecting XLERPLATE® steel you can be confident that your plate requirements are met. Our diverse product range available in both standard and custom specifications allows you to enjoy a one-stop-shop for supply of plate products that are “best fit” for the vast range of applications. Our custom plate range is available on relatively short lead times allowing you to start your projects as soon as possible.

Access to special purpose grades (by enquiry) means we can individually develop unique properties to meet your specific requirements.

Access to BlueScope’s technical team means you have access to steel experts that can assist you with material selection and provide product application guidance to ensure you select the appropriate grade to you’re your manufacturing requirements.

ISO Quality Management Systems Accreditation (ISO 9001), adherence to Australian Standards ASNZS 3678 and comprehensive test certificates will help ensure you will receive what your expect, a good quality product that can be traced back to its origin providing you peace of mind.



Benefits of Sourcing your XLERPLATE® steel From BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies

Advanced Technical Support: Our representatives are ready to serve you and address your queries. We have adapted to the newest technologies to allow our customers to reach us quickly and easily.

Delivery: BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies offers a wide range of high quality, locally made Australian steel plate products. Backed by expert technical support and JIT (Just In Time) flexible lead times, we aim to provide continuity of supply to help streamline your business operations.

Special Steel Grades: As part of the BlueScope group of companies, we have the ability to investigate and produce specially designed steel grades outside our standard range and offer a number of third party certification options as well as non- standard test requirements.

Steel Processing: BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies are committed to providing high quality processing capabilities, ranging from simple processing to more complex and precise processing work.

Certified Steel Products: Backed by
our commitment to quality, we help reduce compliance risk through our ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation – providing assurance for your business.

Industries Served:

  • Infrastructure
  • Defence
  • Renewable Energy
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • General Manufacturing
  • Transport and Automotive
  • Residential and Commercial Building
  • Agriculture and Farming.

Source: www.steel.com.au

Our Value Proposition

When you choose BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies we will aim to provide you with quality steel and aluminium products and exceptional customer service. Our Value Proposition is based on the following key product and service offerings:


Quality Accredited Steel Products

We help reduce compliance risk through our ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation – providing assurance for our business. We understand the importance of material traceability and can provide test certificates to match all our steel plate products, providing peace of mind and consistent high-quality. This removes the hassle and helps ensure the steel products you purchase from us comply to the necessary standards and are fit for purpose.


Processed Products and Parts

We work with our customers to provide confidence in our processed products and parts. This in turn has allowed some customers to free up warehouse space and utilise their workforce in adding value down the line. Ranging from shearing, slitting and re-coiling to complex and precise router cutting, your material will be delivered marked and safely packed as specified. We also aim for on time delivery to suit your project schedule.


Supply Chain Management

Managing multiple jobs and projects can be complex, as well as time and resource consuming, requiring specific skill-sets and experience. BlueScope
Sheet Metal Supplies provides expertise in stock management, supply chain efficiency and inventory optimisation programs. This can help your business to reduce working capital with the peace of mind of stock availability.


Leverage Brand Awareness

We aim to partner with our customers to ensure a long-lasting relationship built on trust. Leveraging
our brands, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies aims to further support our customers’ business. We work with our customers to help further promote their products and services into new and existing segments.

Steel Efficiency Review®

The Steel Efficiency Reviews® is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a full spectrum of steel industries. We look closely at your production and processing lines to help you identify cost and time savings to recommend possible improvements.

There is no cost and no risk in undertaking a Steel Efficiency Review®. Our SER® Consultants simply offer you recommendations to possibly improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity. We come back to you within a short timeframe with a report, detailing our findings, recommendations and solutions.

The Steel Efficiency Reviews® studies different aspects of your business and provide tips on these seven key areas:

  1. Processing
  2. Inventory
  3. Motion
  4. Rework
  5. Over-production
  6. Time in waiting
  7. Transportation

Visit http://steelefficiencyreview.com.au/ to learn more about our SER® program.

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BlueScope Steel Product Dimensional Tolerance Handbook
XLERPLATE® steel Size Schedule
XLERPLATE® Steel Product Information Book
XLERPLATE® Steel Guide to Datasheets
XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 Product Flyer
Technical Bulletin TB 26 – Weathering Resistant Steels
Revisions to Structural Steel Standards AS/NZS 3678; AS/NZS 3679.1 and AS/NZS 3679.2
A1006 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
K1042 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT430T (L0) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT490N (L20, L40, L50) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT490NR (L20, L40, L50) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT490T (L20, L40, L50) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT460T (L20, L40, L50) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT460N (L20, L40) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT460NR (LO L20) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT460NRA (LO) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
PT540T (L20) XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
350L15 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
400 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
400L15 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
350 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
250L15 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
300 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
300L15 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
Counterweight Steel Datasheet
250 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
250 XLERPLATE® steel Floorplate Datasheet
450 XLERPLATE® steel Datasheet
XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 Datasheet
Compliance Specification
BlueScope Steel EPD Flyer