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COLORBOND® steel is one of the most advanced pre-painted steel products in the world.

Beautiful, durable and versatile, COLORBOND® steel is used to manufacture a wide range of building products found in an even wider range of building applications.

From roofing and walling, to fencing and guttering, to specialist architectural applications, COLORBOND® steel has inspired and performed for Australia’s construction industry for more than 40 years. So much so that nine out of ten Australian homes now include COLORBOND® steel in their construction.

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies can supply the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours in both sheet and coil form. Whether you are a roofing, walling, rainwater or fencing manufacturer, the team at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies has you covered.

COLORBOND® steel has long been Australia’s choice for steel roofing and building. The first coil of COLORBOND® steel rolled off the Number 1 coil painting line at Port Kembla, Wollongong, in 1966.  Today, COLORBOND® steel has remained a firm favourite with the building industry.

COLORBOND® steel has undergone a major update featuring an expanded range of contemporary colours and new coating technologies for improved corrosion resistance and paint colour durability. The colour palette for new COLORBOND® steel has undergone its biggest change in more than 20 years. Underpinning new COLORBOND® steel is BlueScope’s new Activate™ technology, making new COLORBOND® steel more resistant to corrosion when drilled, cut or scratched, thereby prolonging its lifespan.



COLORBOND® steel is developed for, and therefore more resilient to, the intense sunlight and temperatures typical of Australian environments. BlueScope scientists have tested COLORBOND® steel in some of Australia’s harshest climates. Furthermore, COLORBOND® steel with Thermatech® solar reflectance technology helps promote “cooler roofs” in the face of increasingly warmer weather – allowing Australians to save on energy bills and stay comfortable at home and work.
Rest assured that COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed to meet relevant Australian standards. Make sure you look for the brand as not all painted steel is genuine COLORBOND® steel.
With a wide range of colours and finishes including a new range of six brilliant COLORBOND® Metallic steel colours and COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel you have a contemporary palette to complement any building design.

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Benefits Of Choosing COLORBOND®

When it comes to steel products, corrosion can be a problem. It makes steel less durable and can also lead to other problems. The solution to this problem lies in steel products that are pre-painted. They are durable, corrosion resistant and can run for many years.

COLORBOND® is one such steel that comes pre painted, offers top notch durability and is versatile enough to be used in a wide array of different building projects.

At BlueScope, you can find a variety of COLORBOND® steel colours in the form of coil and sheet. We cater to all types of manufacturers and can meet your requirements. Wall and roof projects require a selection from a wide range of colours and that is exactly what COLORBOND® steel has to offer. Thanks to the COLORBOND® steel colour palette, you get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Wide Range Of Colours: Choose from 22 classic and contemporary steel colours.
  • Promote Energy Efficiency: COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel helps in reducing energy bills with the new technology. This steel has superior resistance to intense sunlight and doesn’t get heated like conventional steel does. Thereby, keeping your home cool enough in hot scorching weather.
  • New Paint Technology: Our COLORBOND® steel lets you choose from 5 neutral colours (Surfmist®, Shale Grey™, Dune®, Basalt® and Monument®). All of these colours are capable of diffusing light and are also quite soft with a textured appearance.
  • Extreme Durability: The 22 colours offered by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies are ideal for most of the building and architectural projects in Australia. However, projects that are near water are more prone to corrosion. For such projects, we have COLORBOND® Ultra Steel and COLORBOND® Stainless Steel. Both of these have superior resistance to corrosion hence they’re perfect for coastal regions.
  • Improves Aesthetics: One of the major attractions of steel is its lustre. Our COLORBOND® steel is made to shine for a very long time due to the ‘metallic’ effect. The paint system that we incorporate in our COLORBOND® steel has particles placed strategically into the paint. These particles help boost the light effect and make the steel shine even more.

The History of COLORBOND® steel

For many years, Aussies used iron to create shelters and protect homes from the scorching weather. They were lightweight and quite easy to transport for long distances. In fact, many builders ordered iron that came on camelbacks. This transported iron was used to prepare prefabricated buildings from corrugated iron.

After a few years, galvanized iron with zinc coating became quite popular. It had high corrosion protection properties and lasted for many years. However, it didn’t look quite good and painting iron became a norm.

Things started to change in 1950s when a Chicago-based company, Lithostrip Corporation and Prefinished Metals, came up with a new way to bond galvanised iron and paint. This technology was introduced in Australia by John Lysaght.

However, it was still not picture perfect and took lots of effort and time to finally make the process right and produce a good quality product. It was in 1996 that the very first COLORBOND® steel coil was rolled off at Port Kembla, Wollongong, which is considered the number one coil painting line. This new line became the centre of attention in the steel business.

Since then, many more paint lines have been installed in Australia’s Port Kembla, Acacia Ridge, Victoria, Western Port, and Queensland.

It’s believed that the new line will have a yearly output of about 120,000 tonnes.


What Are Some Of The Reasons To Choose COLORBOND® steel?

There are a plethora of reasons to choose COLORBOND® steel in your projects. These include:

  • High Durability

COLORBOND® steel is manufactured keeping the harsh climate conditions of Australia in mind. The new paint technology provides resistance against many dangers such as peeling, cracking, and chipping. Also, this is the very reason that COLORBOND® steel is used in a variety of projects.

  • Latest Technology

COLORBOND® steel has become a popular steel choice for many people. It caters to the latest demands and requirements of building projects thanks to our Activate™ and coating technologies. Both of these help in enhancing the protection against corrosion and provide high-end durability as well.

  • Less Resources, Longer Lifespan

Now, COLORBOND® steel uses few materials and saves resources when compared to the original COLORBOND® steel. Moreover, the Activate™ Technology increases its lifespan to a great deal.

  • Reduced Energy Bills

The inclusion of Thermatech® technology in COLORBOND® steel helps in reducing energy bills a great deal. This decreases the overall load by keeping homes cooler as roofs made of COLORBOND® steel reflect a greater part of the heat falling. As such, the home remains cooler for longer time periods.

  • Solution For All

COLORBOND® steel has you covered no matter the conditions around you.  It can be frustrating to have your steel corrode, which is a common problem in coastal areas. Here’s where COLORBOND® stainless steel and COLORBOND® Ultra steel will help. They offer durability to prevent water from corroding the steel. Hence, they are a perfect fit to use in coastal areas.

  • Warranty

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies believes in satisfying its customers, which is why we provide steel with warranties. You can buy our products without worry because you know we have you covered.

Which Projects and Locations can COLORBOND® Steel Be Used For?

Different projects require different kinds of steel. Considering this, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies deals in a variety of steel products. Here’s a rundown of the steel products that should be used in specific conditions and requirements:


When building roofs, we recommend to use COLORBOND® stainless steel as it has high durability. Moreover, it can also protect your roof during extreme weather conditions.

Stainless steel is also a good fit if you are living near a coastal area. The salty surroundings can meteorite the roof and weaken it. However, stainless and Ultra steel can provide the much-needed protection.


COLORBOND® Stainless steel is recommended in the case of walling applications that are 500 metres from calm marine locations or breaking surf.

However, if the distance of the application from marine location is between 500-1000 meters then Ultra steel is recommended.

Industrial Location

Go for COLORBOND® steel if you’re close to an industrial area (200m or less). COLORBOND® steel is manufactured with special grade steel to lessen the effects of fumes and other forms of industrial emissions.


COLORBOND® is perfect for regions that are regularly hit by cyclones. However, the roof needs to be fixed with very specific building regulations for this to work.

How Is COLORBOND® Produced?

COLORBOND® steel passes through many phases before the final product is received. It took more than 50 years for BlueScope to produce high quality COLORBOND® steel after making many improvements and bringing in newer technology in the production system.

Here’s how COLORBOND® steel is produced:

  1. The steel fulfils Australian Standard AS 1397, implying that it caters to a high-quality grade steel and has superior finish to it.
  2. The base of the steel panels are thoroughly coated using Activate® technology. This technology is BlueScope’s leading and innovative globally recognised technology that makes the steel corrosion-proof and gives it its unmatched durability.
  3. A thin pre-treatment layer is used to further improve the adhesion mechanism in case further coatings need to be done.
  4. A polyester primer is baked on to the surface.
  5. A topcoat of superior grade lead-free paint, which meets Australian/New Zealand standards AS/NZS2728, is used to enhance the protection against chipping, cracking, peeling and breaking.

What Is The Thermatech® Technology?

Australia’s leading businesspersons, homeowners, builders, and developers love the Thermatech® technology to the core as it helps fight new climatic challenges with its high-end durability and resistance.

It uses solar reflectance properties of 21 COLORBOND® steel standard colours. This technology is capable of making even the darker colours in the COLORBOND® steel range to perform better without having to alter their appearance.

With this technology, you can get a thermal efficient roof in different colours.

Note: Thermatech® technology isn’t available in these two colours: Night Sky® and COLORBOND® Stainless steel.

Summers in Australia can be excruciating. The AC runs for hours, which can add to the cost. Thermatech® technology can help in this regard. It helps reflect sun rays and does not absorb the heat, which keeps the building temperature under control.

As a result, less energy is consumed and you save money. Plus, it does not only work during summers but winters as well, when the sun is usually lower, hence the roof can prevent heat loss, keeping the home warm.

What Upgrades Have Been Done To COLORBOND® Steel Since 1966?

The highlight of COLORBOND® steel is its superior coat durability and ability to resist corrosion. For many years, major upgrades have been introduced to the steel to make it more effective.

The biggest upgrade brought to this steel involves the COLORBOND® palette and improved coating technologies. Thanks to it, the corrosion resisting capability and paint durability have largely improved.

The New Activate Technology: For the past 20 years, the colour palette has undergone some huge changes at BlueScope. Our new Activate™ technology makes it even more reliable when scratched, cut or drilled. As a result, it becomes more durable.

Thermatech® Solar Reflectance: Australia is known for its moderate to harsh climate conditions. It is mostly sunny and the sunlight is intense on most of the days. This can get problematic since steel can get hot and cause homes to feel hotter.

BlueScope came up with a solution to this problem by introducing the Thermatech® Solar Reflectance technology. This upgrade aids in making the roof cooler as it increases the resilience towards intense sunlight.

With COLORBOND® steel you can reduce your energy bills since your home will not heat up much during summers.

Our products meet Australian standards and are guaranteed to match your expectations. We also offer warranties as we have full faith in our products. With us, you don’t have to worry about quality as we are a respectable name in the industry.

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