Pre-Painted Strip Steel is steel sheet that has been coated with either a plastic laminate layer or a paint system. It is widely used across a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction: Architects and building owners often use pre-painted steel to meet their design vision for commercial and residential properties. It is so widely used as it can be formed into almost any shape, has excellent resistance to weathering, offers endless design possibilities and has benefits for the environment.
  • Transportation: Pre-painted steel is commonly used in the transportation industry as it streamlines the manufacturing process and can drastically reducing production costs.
  • Household Appliances: Appliance manufacturers are using pre-painted steel as a low cost, trustworthy material.
  • Furniture: Pre-painted steel is used in a variety of furniture products, including shelving, filing cabinets, desks and storage units as versatile, high quality, cost effective, and allows the designer to choose a specific finish for an item.

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies sources the following Pre-Painted Strip Steel products from BlueScope:

  1. COLORBOND® Steel Strip
    • COLORBOND® Coolmax™ steel
    • COLORBOND® Coolmax™ steel for roofs
    • COLORBOND® Insulated Panel steel
    • COLORBOND® Insulated Panel steel, for the manufacture of sandwich panels for coolrooms.
    • COLORBOND® Metallic steel
    • COLORBOND® steel for decorative, external use.
    • COLORBOND® Permagard® Insulated Panel Steel
    • COLORBOND® Stainless steel
    • COLORBOND® steel for maximum corrosion resistance
    • COLORBOND® steel for roofs and walls
    • COLORBOND® Ultra steel
    • COLORBOND® steel for highly corrosive environments
    • COLORBOND® XFP steel
    • COLORBOND® steel for fencing
    • COLORBOND® XGD steel
    • COLORBOND® steel for garage doors
  2. Plastic Laminate Coated Strip
    • AQUAPLATE® steel – Galvanised formable steel with a food-grade polymer film
  3. Prepainted steel Strip
    • Drumstock® Prepainted steel – for packaging drums
    • Exterior Hot Water Prepainted steel – Exterior hot water system wrappers.
    • Exterior Manufactured Articles – Exterior Manufactured Articles Prepainted steel for general outdoor articles
    • General Manufactured Articles Prepainted steel for general, inside use
    • Interior Furniture & Shelving prepainted steel
    • Primer Only Material Steel with a readily paintable surface
    • Sign Writing Panel Prepainted steel – Prepainted Steel for the sign writing industry
    • Superior Gloss Articles Prepainted steel – Prepainted steel for interior appliance products

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