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Sheet Metal Specialists

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is a steel sheet metal specialist focused on providing quality BlueScope products and solutions to the Australian marketplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality, strength and assurance to all our customers.

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies provides products across a number of industries, including:

At Sheet Metal Supplies, we pride ourselves on our extensive product range, which includes:

The Edge Magazine

The Edge Edition 15 May 17

A BlueScope Business

We are a BlueScope business and as such we are supported by the manufacturing and processing arms of BlueScope; and fully integrated – to challenge the conventional methods of production, operations and distribution in steel sheet and coil products.

Our Story

BlueScope’s sheet metal plays a vital role in the daily lives of everyday Australians. Our steel is used in the construction of suburban houses, landmark building and automobile parts.

At BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies we focus on providing unique, value-added products and services. One such service offered is the Steel Efficiency Review ®. This is a service offered to our customers involving an audit of your business operations, production and processing lines, in order to uncover potential bottlenecks, cost and time savings and incremental change that may lead to profit improvements.

We Focus On Making Our Customers Successful

At BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, we spend focus on building close alliances with customers so that we can cater to market trends, large manufacturing undertakings, major projects, seasonal fluctuations and programmed maintenance requirements.

Our business is supported by our parent company (BlueScope), meaning that you assured consistent and reliable product supply, quality and certification.

We Add Value

Combining a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our customers with the technical and processing expertise of BlueScope, we are able to offer a number of value added services to our customers:

  • We are dedicated to removing supply chain risk;
  • We consistently deliver the right product at the right time;
  • We aim to reduce working capital requirements;
  • We provide easy and timely access to product information, technical data and We are happy to assist with any support that is needed

Together with Bluescope, we proudly bring inspiration, strength and colour to communities.

Our customers are our partners, our people are our strength, our shareholders are our foundations, our communities are our homes.