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TRUECORE® steel is not only for builders but for homeowners and designers too. It has been used in Australia for over 30 years, however it is only recently that steel framing has become so common.

Steel house framing systems are known for their strength, reliability, and durability. Homes constructed using TRUECORE® steel are highly durable. Structures made with TRUECORE® steel are also fire and termite resistant. Moreover, there’s also little to no risk of the steel warping, shrinking, or sagging.

In addition to this, it also makes life easier for designers as it is a breeze to mould and adapt in various home designs. It’s very easy to erect and also environmentally friendly.

This is why TRUECORE® steel is so popular in today’s time. Builders, homeowners, and designers have largely embraced steel framing as it is the future.

The most important thing in the construction business is reliability. TRUECORE® steel from Sheet Metal Supplies is backed by a 50-year warranty, so using TRUECORE® to build house frames is a future investment that ensures a better and safe future for your family. In short, if you are looking for steel that offers top-notch security and safety then TRUECORE® is an ideal choice.



What Is TRUECORE® steel?

TRUECORE® steel reflects a bluish surface because it is coated with zinc/aluminium. It is 100% termite-proof and very easy to mould and adapt in various frame projects.

Benefits Of TRUECORE® steel

There are a number of reasons for builders, homeowners, and investors to opt for TRUECORE® steel:

Termite Proof: Termites can destroy the structure of your house within three months of construction. In many parts of the country, the risk of termite infestation is as high as 40%.

There’s no reliable way to prevent damage except for using products that are termite resistant, such as TRUECORE® steel

It is 100% termite-proof and designed to withstand pest attacks. Moreover, you won’t have to use any sort of chemicals to deter pests. The use of chemicals can weaken the foundation and make the steel lose its strength.

Hence, TRUECORE® steel will last for a very long time since there are no such worries associated with it.

Non-Combustible: TRUECORE® steel is non-combustible and doesn’t react to any flammable material used in the home or the building. This reduces the risk of fire accidents and also prevents damage in case there’s a fire, which is a major risk in Australia, causing over 3,000 injuries per year and hundreds of fatalities.

With TRUECORE® steel, the risk can be reduced to a large extent.

Environmentally Friendly: One of the biggest advantages of TRUECORE® steel is that it is environmentally friendly. The fact that this steel is extremely lightweight, versatile, and flexible in design gives it an edge over other options, as homeowners, builders and fabricators can use it to build a quality steel frame with minimum impact to the site.

The combination of being lightweight and flexible makes it easier to build projects on slopes and lands that are uneven. This is because the steel doesn’t need to be cut or punched on site. It can be fully prepared off-site. This is a great benefit of using TRUECORE® steel. As a result, there is a very little amount of wastage and cutting involved.

Extreme Durability: The stronger the steel used in construction, the more durable your home will be. This means that the costs of repairing and replacing reduce a great deal.

TRUECORE® steel is designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions including Australia’s howling cyclones that come from the north and the extremely cold regions in the south. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it is also safe for areas where fires are a major threat.

TRUECORE® steel offers tremendous durability no matter what the situation and environment.

Recyclable: Another prominent feature of TRUECORE® steel is its recyclability. It will not go to waste and can be reused again.

Peace Of Mind: TRUECORE® steel comes with a 50-year warranty, so you know you’re investing in a reliable product.  We have full faith in our product and fully stand by it. Talk to our team to find out more about the warranties involved.

Reasons To Choose TRUECORE® steel

TRUECORE® steel is the future of house and building framing due to the benefits we highlighted above.  At the end of the day, it is all about the return on investment and TRUECORE® steel wins in this regard.

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Why Should Homeowners Choose TRUECORE® steel?

It is not enough for a home to be durable from the outside only, it needs to be solid from the inside too. Here’s where TRUECORE® steel comes into play.

  • TRUECORE® steel offers good strength and durability to your home’s foundation so that it remains strong from the outside and inside.
  • TRUECORE® steel comes prefabricated and is designed accurately to adapt to frames. This will save you the trouble of fabricating the steel and losing the original finish it possesses.
  • Another reason to go for TRUECORE® steel is due to the steel being insecticide free. You will save a lot of money by not requiring to treat the steel with chemicals to keep pests away. Moreover, treating with chemicals also makes the steel lose all its strength so there are no such worries.
  • One of the biggest benefits of TRUECORE® steel is that you won’t have to deal with any jammed doors or stuck windows because it doesn’t warp or shrink.
  • TRUECORE® steel offers safety as it is fire-resistant, making it a good option for cities where bushfires are common.
  • TRUECORE® steel has a flexible design and can be moulded easily. The strength to weight ratio on this steel is commendable as well.
  • TRUECORE® steel is also corrosion resistant. So, expect it to run for several years and offer great durability.

Why Should Builders And Fabricators Choose TRUECORE® steel?

Builders can increase their business by turning to TRUECORE® steel and using it in their projects. Here’s why:

  • The demand for TRUECORE® steel is off the charts not only in Australia but in many other countries as well. Customers prefer builders who utilize reliable products to build their homes, buildings, and structures. So, it’s a good choice for builders to opt for TRUECORE® steel.
  • Builders find it easier to install and use TRUECORE® steel in their projects because it is straight, easily adaptable, and has a fine finish on its surface. It increases the life of any project.
  • TRUECORE® steel can be prefabricated off-site. Plus, you may also opt to have it pre-punched for added ease.
  • Since we already know that TRUECORE® steel is one of the lightest steel products on the market, it is quite easy to move around, use, lift, and mould.
  • All TRUECORE® steel sheets are graced with the famous Activate™ Technology used by BlueScope. Thanks to the implementation of this technology, the steel remains corrosion proof and quite strong.
  • Builders can enjoy the benefits of the vast network offered by BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies. This network connects builders with suppliers and fabricators, which can be very helpful in running their business.
  • Lastly, the support from BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies is always there for all our buyers.

All our steel products including TRUECORE® steel are thoroughly tested. So, expect the steel to fully comply with the Australian standards.

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