Truecore Australian made

Few things in life are as important as protecting the value of your family home and the environment. A house frame made from TRUECORE® steel is strong and durable, straight and true, lightweight and termite proof.

Truth is a house frame made from TRUECORE® steel is an investment in your family’s future. TRUECORE® steel is 100% termite proof. TRUECORE® steel won’t warp, sag or shrink, reducing the risk of cracked walls, jamming doors and wavy rooflines. Only a house frame made from TRUECORE® steel comes with a 50 year warranty* backed by BlueScope. Your home is your biggest investment, make sure you protect it with a house frame made from TRUECORE® steel.




TRUECORE® steel is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel with a distinctive blue resin surface finish, made by BlueScope specifically for the house framing market.

Advantages of Steel

TRUECORE® steel delivers very real benefits for builders, designers and homeowners alike.

Termite proof

Wall and roof framing made from TRUECORE® steel is 100 per cent termite and borer proof. Because of this, the frames don’t require additional chemical treatments to protect them from pest attack.

TRUECORE® steel is also non-combustible, so its use significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in a home.

The strength of steel

A home with a ‘heart’ of steel is designed to stand the test of time. The inherent strength and durability of TRUECORE® steel provides structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions – from Australia’s cyclone-prone north to the cold climate regions of the south; in bushland, where fire is an ever present threat, and on the coast.

Backed by a 50 year BlueScope warranty*, TRUECORE® steel provides homeowners with the peace of mind of knowing their most valuable asset is protected by the strength or steel.

* Conditions apply, see the warranty page for more information.