Colorbond Australian made

COLORBOND® steel is one of the most advanced pre-painted steel products in the world.

Beautiful, durable and versatile, COLORBOND® steel is used to manufacture a wide range of building products found in an even wider range of building applications.

From roofing and walling, to fencing and guttering, to specialist architectural applications, COLORBOND® steel has inspired and performed for Australia’s construction industry for more than 40 years. So much so that nine out of ten Australian homes now include COLORBOND® steel in their construction.



BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies can supply the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours in both sheet and coil form. Whether you are a roofing, walling, rainwater or fencing manufacturer, the team at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies has you covered.

COLORBOND® steel has long been Australia’s choice for steel roofing and building. Since 1966 when the first coil of COLORBOND® steel rolled off the Number 1 coil painting line at Port Kembla, Wollongong, to today, COLORBOND® steel has remained a firm favourite with the building industry.

COLORBOND® steel has undergone a major update featuring an expanded range of contemporary colours and new coating technologies for improved corrosion resistance and paint colour durability. The colour palette for new COLORBOND® steel has undergone its biggest change in more than 20 years. Underpinning new COLORBOND® steel is BlueScope’s new Activate™ technology, making new COLORBOND® steel more resistant to corrosion when drilled, cut or scratched, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

COLORBOND® steel is developed for, and therefore more resilient to, the intense sunlight and temperatures typical of Australian environments. BlueScope scientists have tested COLORBOND® steel in some of Australia’s harshest climates. Furthermore, COLORBOND® steel with Thermatech® solar reflectance technology helps promote “cooler roofs” in the face of increasingly warmer weather – allowing Australians to save on energy bills and stay comfortable at home and work.

Rest assured that COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed to meet relevant Australian standards. Make sure you look for the brand as not all painted steel is genuine COLORBOND® steel.

With a wide range of colours and finishes including a new range of six brilliant COLORBOND® Metallic steel colours and COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel you have a contemporary palette to complement any building design.

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