We work closely with our manufacturing customers to understand their needs and to establish mutually beneficial relationships based on open communication and expectations.

For our customers serving the General Manufacturing market segment made up of repetitive component, general engineering, duct work, steel furniture, machinery, sheet metal work and electric component manufacturers, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies has developed the following key value propositions:

Our Case Studies showcase our value proposition catered to individual customer needs and requirements:



Customer Process & Efficiency Review (Steel Efficiency Review)

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies aims to identify and eradicate waste in our customers’ and our own business to create and capture value. Our Industry First Steel Efficiency Review is a comprehensive customer survey examining the following.

7 Key Pre-production stages:

1. Over production

How you undertake production scheduling considering inventory on floor, handling, storage, staff and machinery breakdowns.

2. Time in waiting

What is the cost of time in waiting considering the impact of the scheduling process, operational layouts, and reliance on 3rd parties?

3. Transportation

How important is transport within your business and how it is affected by the layout – the feed in vs. feed off; method and type of transport, and reliance on 3rd parties?

4. Processing

What opportunities are there for machinery reconfiguration?

What are your processing machine setups, product and machine fit, and your customer end product requirements?

5. Inventory

What is the optimum level of stock to carry in your business?. What are your ordering cycle processes, materials receipting and stock management processes?

6. Motion

What is the cost of stock movement in your business? What is the movement of product around your business based on machinery, warehouse layout and safety impact?

7. Rework

What are the possible causes of rework?

What does it cost your business?

By looking closely at our customers’ production and processing lines, we aim to identify cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes which can translate into profit improvements.

Supply Reliability and Commitment to customers:

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies aims to review our customers’ needs to provide a clear outcome on how we will deliver and process steel sheet and coil products to create a competitive advantage for your business.

  • Product quality,
  • Product tolerances, and
  • Reliability of supply are the cornerstone to this value proposition. We will work with our customers serving the general manufacturing market segment to ensure the above eventuates.