Steel Efficiency Review

Identify savings and boost your profitability with our Steel Efficiency ReviewTM.

Steel processing is complex and capital-intensive. Our Steel Efficiency ReviewTM looks closely at our customers’ production and processing lines, to identify potential cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes which can translate into profit improvements. The review aims to help us better improve our product and service offer – customising to suit your business.

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Building & Construction

For our customers serving the Building and Construction market made up of residential, non-residential and commercial applications of steel sheet and coil products in Australia we have developed the following key value propositions for your business.

Inventory Assistance Scheme (IAS)

BlueScope Steel - Sheet Metal Supplies will work with our customers to develop a customised Inventory Assistance Scheme to achieve the following:

  • examine the current purchasing and stocking practices in your business;
  • identify the root issues and bottlenecks the above practices may cause in your business;
  • quantify these issues to better understand the costs involved;
  • make recommendations to assist with the management of the stock in your business; and
  • develop a formal supply agreement to provide our customers with the assurance they need to grow and achieve their vision.

The key deliverables to our customers are:

  • Limited capital investment required by our customers – this tends to free up funds in your business;
  • Accurate forecasting of stock – this tends to create value for your business by replenishing the stock you need when you need it;
  • Reliability of Supply – this tends to create confidence and capability in your business.

The Inventory Assistance Scheme is subject to credit terms and conditions.

Brand Awareness and Investment

BlueScope Steel - Sheet Metal Supplies works with our customers to develop joint brand awareness campaigns to fully leverage BlueScope Steel’s product and business brands to create market awareness and confidence.

BlueScope Steel’s Product Brands comprise:

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