Steel Efficiency Review

Identify savings and boost your profitability with our Steel Efficiency ReviewTM.

Steel processing is complex and capital-intensive. Our Steel Efficiency ReviewTM looks closely at our customers’ production and processing lines, to identify potential cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes which can translate into profit improvements. The review aims to help us better improve our product and service offer – customising to suit your business.

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Automotive & Transport

For our customers serving the Transport and Automotive Market Segment made up of automotive component and part manufacturers, truck body and trailer manufacturers BlueScope Steel - Sheet Metal Supplies has developed the following key value propositions.

Delivery in Full and On-Time (DIFOT - Just In Time Service)

We work with our customers to develop a customer specific DIFOT – Just In Time service supported by a BlueScope Steel - Sheet Metal Supplies Supply Agreement. We aim to improve efficiency in our customers’ productivity schedules. This value proposition hinges on accurate customer delivery schedules and forecasts of stock replenishment. We will work with our Automotive and Transport customers to ensure accurate delivery of product to not slow your production process down but enhance it. Delivery and steel processing flexibility is the cornerstone to this value proposition.

Working Partnership with our Customers (Business Understanding)

BlueScope Steel - Sheet Metal Supplies aims to develop a working partnership built on trust and expertise with our end user customers. This allows an intimate knowledge of business processes to take place to create reciprocal business practice advantages. BlueScope Steel has been an active member of a number of strategic, consortium programs run by the International Iron and Steel Institute. Among these is the UltraLight Steel Auto initiative, which includes dedicated programs covering Auto Bodies, Advanced Vehicle Concepts, Closures and Suspension.

For more information on these initiatives visit Ultra Light Steel Auto Programs. BlueScope Steel produces a comprehensive range of hot rolled, cold rolled and metallic coated products designed specifically for the Automotive Industry.


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